Kate McMullan

Oops! This went live before it was finished! Sorry!

Since I posted about artist James McMullan in my last post two weeks ago, it seems only fitting that I post about children’s writer, Kate McMullan, this week. Jim and Kate have been married for 38 years, and they make a marvelous team personally and creatively.

Kate has written over one hundred books for kids, including (but not limited to) a beginning readers series about a classroom guinea pig named Fluffy (who, Kate says, will never die — that’s the best kind of guinea pig!), the hilarious Myth-O-Mania series, the equally hilarious series about young Wiglaf at Dragon Slayers Academy, picture books, the list goes on. (I admit my favorite series is the Dragon Slayers Academy. You could say it slays me.)

She and Jim have also collaborated on a fabulous picture book series that tickle the funny bone and educate all at the same time. I STINK (about a garbage truck), I’M DIRTY (about a construction site digger), I’M MIGHTY (about a tugboat), I’M COOL (about a Zamboni — who would have thought to create a picture book about a Zamboni? Kate and Jim. And it’s cool.) And the list goes on. There’s even an Amazon TV show — the STINKY AND DIRTY SHOW based on two of the characters. Check them out!

Now, with more apologies for sending this post out unfinished, and with a recommendation that you check out Kate’s books without further ado (and don’t leave them unfinished!) just let me say that K is for Kate. Kudos to Kate!


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