Reciprocity and Gratitude!

Recently, three of my wonderful friends have posted about Flubs2Fixes (my copy editing and proofreading service) on their blogs, and I am so grateful for these shout-outs! All three posts were completely unsolicited. I knew about one ahead of time, while the others were a surprise.

Not only do I appreciate these shout-outs, and will give you links so you can read them, but I also want to urge you to read further in all three blogs, and subscribe to them if you haven’t already. They’re great blogs!

Today, you can read about Penny Parker Klostermann’s experience with F2F on her blog, A Penny and Her Jots.

On April 14, Teresa Robeson asked (and answered) the question “To Edit or Not to Edit” on her blog about Growing, Writing, Creating.

And on April 7, the day I had Mary Aalgaard in the spotlight here on my blog, she gave a shout-out to F2F in her post about a Creative Retreat she attended on her Play Off the Page blog. (Check out those miniature books they made! Cool!)


Thanks, friends!

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