What I’m Reading — new mini-series on the blog

I’ve been trying to find a way to let you know what I’m reading besides the few book recommendation posts I do. With my posting schedule, I’m not able to share very many of the wonderful books I come across, at least not in depth.

I’m not on Goodreads, so I can’t just link to Goodreads posts as people often do. So I’ve come up with an alternative.

I plan to do occasional mini-posts that will let you know the basics about the books I’m reading: title, author, publisher and genre. I’ll also give a link or two, perhaps to a review, or to the author’s website.

It won’t be a full post, but it will give you a taste of a book I’m currently excited about, and perhaps you’ll add it to your To Be Read list, as well.

I promise I won’t tell you each time I re-read the Harry Potter series, or find a new mystery to delve into, but if it’s something I think a number of you would be interested in, I’ll post a brief blurb. I’ll have the links come up in the sidebar on my blog, and will have a menu tab with a mini-blog to keep them all together.

I’m looking forward to this way of saying, “Hey, this is a good book!” and I hope you’ll find the posts helpful in discovering new books to read, too. (And feel free to make recommendations in the comments — I’m always glad to get recommendations.)

The first post will follow closely on the heels of this one. They won’t be that close together after this.

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