A Journey to America on NPR’s FROM THE TOP

I shared this post on my other blog a couple of weeks ago, but its message is so important that I wanted to share it here, today, as well.

Music can truly be like a candle lighting the darkness, whatever darkness might surround a person. This post will show how music created light in one young person’s life.

Back in February of 2017, on my blog The Starborn Revue, I posted about the NPR program, From the Top, which celebrates “the power of music in the hands of America’s kids.” Kids from all over the United States — as young as 8, all the way up to those about to leave their teens — give amazing performances on many orchestral instruments, or vocally, or sometimes on other instruments, as in the performance I want to highlight today.

I listen to From the Top online, at the website of Classical MPR (Minnesota Public Radio). On MPR, From the Top is heard on Sundays. Recently, one of the featured performers was a young classical guitarist, originally from Iran, named Parsa Sabet Rasekhi.

The segment featuring him began with him telling his story — the story of how he came to be a guitarist, and the very moving story of how he left his home country and came to the United States. As he spoke, he softly played his guitar. After his story, he played the very beautiful “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” (Memories of the Alhambra), by Francisco Tárrega and “Danza in E Minor” by Jorge Morel.

I was deeply moved by his words, and his music. I invite you to listen, as well. To do so, go to minute 31:20 in the podcast linked here.

As we learn from his story, it is truly a privilege to have the freedom to study and learn and play and enjoy music and all forms of the arts. It’s a privilege we celebrate, and one we cannot take for granted.

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