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652049_1379476017.445Do you have a hero? I do. His name is Renn. I’ve told you about him before — the now 6 1/2 year old boy who has been dealing with medical and neurological tests and procedures ad infinitum (it seems) as the doctors seek to find a cause and control for his epilepsy. He’s now facing another procedure in late October, to put grids on two parts of his brain to try again to pinpoint the epicenter of these more and more frequent seizures. Then (and this is the heart-wrenching one) he will have surgery in early November to remove part of his brain, possibly a whole lobe of his brain (told you it was heart-wrenching).

Renn’s Mom (my dear friend and writing colleague) has been with him through every procedure, sitting up in his hospital room, being there for him through all the pain and confusion. For this major procedure, he really needs his Daddy and his brother to be able to be there, too. But that costs money. A fund has been set up to help offset the costs of this. If you are able to contribute in any way, this would be wonderful. Above all, sending your positive thoughts, healing energy, and prayers (if you are a praying person) would be most appreciated.

Here is the link to the funding site: The Renn Fund

And here is a link to Bethany’s blog, where you can learn all about what this dear family has been going through: The Brain of a Jedi.

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  1. And through it all, even though I’m sure he has his days he’d rather not smile, he still has a bright beautiful smile filled with hope.

    Definitely sending prayers for Jedi Renn.

  2. Oh, my. They’ve all been through so much, haven’t they? And so much more to come. And yet he seems to take it in stride better than a lot of adults probably would. He’s got some smile! Sending prayers for Renn, and going to check out the fundraiser. Thanks for sharing, Beth!

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