And the Winners (of “Raising Bookworms”) Are…

I want to thank all of you for participating in the giveaway for two copies of Raising Bookworms: Getting Your Kids Reading for Pleasure and Empowerment by Emma Walton Hamilton. I especially want to thank those who posted about literacy on their blogs, and let me know so that I could read their blogs and add their names to the draw an extra time. (And I apologize to Mona Pease for missing her in the shout-out to those who blogged — I have added your name to my shout-out post now, Mona.)

I truly wish all of you could have won. This is the part of a giveaway that always gives me a pang — that I don’t have a book for every one of you. I’d urge you to purchase the book for yourself, or for your local school or library. It is an excellent resource. It is available through amazon in either paperback or Kindle format.

And now, thanks to, which allowed me to make a completely random selection from the list of numbered names, the WINNERS! (For those who aren’t familiar with, I numbered all the names, which were listed according to the number of times each person had commented and/or posted, then put the number, for example 1 to 63, into and it randomly generates one number.)

Susanna Leonard Hill


Julie Foster Hedlund

Congratulations to you both!

10 thoughts on “And the Winners (of “Raising Bookworms”) Are…”

  1. Congratulations to the winners. I’ve got this book on my list of things to get. With my kiddo, I want to d the right things to help guide her into an appreciation for words and enjoy reading. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

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