Birdie’s Song — my entry in Susanna Hill’s Holiday Writing Contest

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This isn’t my usual day to post, as you know, but I wanted to share my entry in Susanna Leonard Hill’s 11th Annual Holiday Writing Contest AND also post about a book on Thursday, so you’re getting a double whammy this week.

The basic rules for this iteration of Susanna’s Holiday Contest is to write a story intended for kids 12 or under, about a holiday contest, in 250 words or fewer (not counting the title). After the 100 words of the Halloweensie Contest, 250 words feels (almost) like an epic!

Here, then, is my story, in 242 words. It is officially entered in the comments on the post on Susanna’s blog, where you can read all the entries. There will be fabulous stories galore, and there are amazing prizes available.

Birdie’s Song

This year, Birdie was determined to win the Christmas Singing Contest. Every year since she’d been five, Annabelle had won. Not this year. Birdie had practiced until she knew her song forwards, backwards and sideways. She could even sing it in her sleep. She had to win!

Annabelle stood on stage. Her notes soared.

Couldn’t she squeak just once? Birdie thought.

Ms. Ringly said, “Now Birdie will sing for us.”

Birdie opened her mouth to sing.

“Bingle jells, bingle jells,

Fill the sleigh with hay!”

What was going on?

“Help old Santa with his sack

And send him on his way-ay!”

Wrong words! People were laughing!

“Reindeer fly through the sky –

He will soon be here!

Eat some cookies, leave some toys,

And come again next year!”

Birdie wanted to race off the stage and out the door. She ran back to her seat and hid her face in Mom’s coat sleeve. Would people ever stop laughing?

Ms. Ringly stood on the stage, towering over everyone. “Attention, please. The winner of this year’s Christmas Singing Contest is, of course, Annabelle! Her singing was dazzling, as always.”

Birdie slumped even further. Annabelle won. Of course.

Ms. Ringly looked down at the audience. “This year, though, we have a special extra prize. For most original song, Birdie!”

Birdie couldn’t believe it. She practically flew onto the stage to get her prize.

As they drove home, Birdie started thinking up words for next year’s song.

12 thoughts on “Birdie’s Song — my entry in Susanna Hill’s Holiday Writing Contest”

  1. Love Birdie, what a great name for a girl who loves to sing! I agree, this should be the NEW official Jingle Bell lyrics. This story is a winner in my book, too.

  2. I love this story, Beth! Good luck! We all wish we could be “better” instead of being ourselves and you added great humor.

  3. Patricia Nozell

    You and Birdie have struck a chord with this stage-fearing reader! Best of luck in the Contest!

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