Comment Challenge — I’m in!

Every year for the past few years, MotherReader and Lee Wind have held a Comment Challenge, intended to encourage bloggers in the KidLit (Children’s Literature) blogosphere to circulate among each others’ blogs, leaving comments with a goal of commenting on five blogs a day for the next 21 days. The time chosen is based on the research that shows it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so the premise is that after participating in the challenge, the habit of reading other kidlit bloggers and encouraging one another will have been established.

I got in on the tail-end of the challenge last year, so I am looking forward to participating from the beginning this year. The timing couldn’t be better for me, since I’ve just started this new blog.

If you’re wondering what the advantages are in this, it encourages participants to discover new blogs, learn from writers who have been “in the business” for some time, spread one’s wings a little, build community with other writers, and yes, it also potentially draws new readers to one’s own blog.

I’m looking forward to it, and have just signed up. You, too, can sign up, at MotherReader’s blogpost

Comment Challenge 2012: Sign-Up

6 thoughts on “Comment Challenge — I’m in!”

  1. Beth–hi! It’s great to meet you! I love the comment challenge. I have met some of my very favorite bloggers through it! I’m so glad you’re jumping right in. It’s such fun!

    1. Hi, Heather! It’s great to meet you, as well. I got in on it late last year (on my old blog) so I’m very glad to be starting “at the very beginning” this year. Heading straight to your blog now.

  2. Beth – I saw the post on the FB 12 x 12 page and signed up for this challenge (seconds ago). I am visiting your blog first. I like your write up of the challenge – I will go do that on my blog, too. Now I just need to keep my blog fresh. My “On My Mind” blog is now going to have a daily story starter : ) so stop on by.

    1. Hi, Alison! I’m honored that you visited me first! Thank you! I, too, have been thinking that I’ll need to provide fresh material often. I’ll be checking on your story starters — sounds intriguing!

    1. I saw your name on the list, and thought, “Oh, goodie, Susanna’s in!”

      I thought last night that on PPBF I always exceed the goal of 5 comments per day — perhaps I should make the goal 5 comments on blogs I don’t normally comment on.

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