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Image used by permission.
Image used by permission.

Do you struggle with the revision process? Do you sometimes wish you could have someone coach you along as you decide what to include, what to leave out, whether you have the right word, and whether you’re using that word correctly? Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you look at the big picture of the revision, yet get bogged down in the details?

Help is at hand!

Several times over the past few years, I have availed myself of Emma Walton Hamilton’s insightful and thorough manuscript evaluations, which are part of the services she offers as a freelance editor.

Now, she has come out with a new product that is (almost) like having Emma sitting next to you at the computer desk, coaching you through the revision process. There’s no tea involved and you don’t get to experience the warmth of her smile, but you do get the benefit of her years of experience as an author and an editor through her new Editor-In-A-Box. (Yes, that’s an Emma-In-The-Box popping up in the fabulous graphic.) Note to clarify: this product is designed to guide you as you do your own self-editing/revision. Emma’s actual editing services are separate, and this toolkit doesn’t include a manuscript evaluation.

Because the needs of picture book writers and middle grade/young adult novel writers are different, there are two versions of Editor-In-A-Box. Emma is experienced in both types of writing, as an author, an editor, and as a teacher, as the classes she teaches at Stony Brook Southampton University on Long Island include picture books, middle grade novels, and YA novels, and she also teaches all levels in her online courses.

With each version, you get a detailed 6-step revision process (in video, written, and checklist format, to suit various learning styles); lists of overused words; basic grammar uses and abuses (the Grammar Owl and I were both glad to see that grammar was included!); formatting guidelines to help when you’re preparing a submission as well as other information to guide your submission process; information about working with a freelance editor; interviews with professional editors — everything you could possibly need to ensure that your revision process goes smoothly, and covers everything you need to deal with.

Both versions are now available at Emma’s website. I’d encourage you to take a look at the information there, and see if you think they might help you. They are reasonably priced, especially when you take into account all that you receive — and they’re evergreen. You can use and reuse the information and the process with every book you work on. Here are the links:

Editor-In-A-Box for Picture Books

Editor-In-A-Box for Chapter Books, Middle Grade and Young Adult Novels

Note: This is all delivered online, to your email inbox. You won’t actually receive a big box from which Emma pops out! 😉


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Note: Julie Gribble’s fabulous series on the Making of a Picture Book will be back next Monday, September 22. See you then!

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  1. I purchased “Editor in a Box” for picture books and am working with the material. Emma is an excellent teacher/editor and having her thoughts in a user-friendly binder is priceless. She covers everything you need to know to sumbit a manuscript. I particularly like the PB Editing Checklist. “Editor in a Box” is vey easy to download.

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