Encouraging Imaginative Play — Blog Recommendation

This blog post from the New Victory Theatre just has to be shared! It’s about the best description of and list of tips for encouraging imaginative play in small children that I’ve ever read. The fact that it highlights how a theatre troupe is doing this just makes it all the better. Please click and read!

“Play With Preschoolers: Seven Strategies for Exploration”

When was the last time you (and your kids if you have ’em) just pretended something for the fun of it?

5 thoughts on “Encouraging Imaginative Play — Blog Recommendation”

  1. Love your ideas!
    I often indulge in playful musical activities with my 1st and 2nd graders… lots of fun for them and the learning is incidental!

    Check out my A to Z Reflections post (I’m linking it to this comment). I’ve given you a shout out!

    1. The playful musical activities sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the shout out — checking it out right away!

  2. It’s a balancing act. We try to play and pretend, but sometimes we do have errands to run or places to go that he will enjoy once he gets there. I stop and remind myself that we have no particular schedule or there’s no harm in wearing his PJ shorts to the store. I mean why fight over some of the little stuff?

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