Friendspiration post at The Write Routine today!

What’s that? This blog is supposed to be on hiatus right now? Well, yes, you’re right, but technically I scheduled this post back on June 30th, so I’m not really blogging in July. Not really.

What I’m really doing is pointing you to Marcie Colleen’s blog, The Write Routine, where she has a new series called Friday Friendspirations. Today I’m blogging at Marcie’s about one of the greatest friendspirations in my writing life — and in my personal life — my cousin and fellow children’s writer, Beverley Brenna.

Here’s the link to Marcie’s blog.

Now, back to my blog-cation. Mmmm… sun, surf, inspiration galore.


  1. Cool. Continue to enjoy your break. Going to check out your guest post.

  2. The post doesn’t seem to be up yet – I’ll check back later. Hope you’re having a SUPER FUN time at the conference!!! 🙂

  3. I will go check it out! Now, YOU, Ms. Stilborn, GET BACK TO VACATIONING! 😉

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