Happy Birthday, Erik!



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Ask the court jester.

Erik raced down the palace corridors, searching for the jester. Waves of laughter led him to the Castle Courtyard.

“Jester!” Erik yelled. “I need your help!” With five cartwheels, the jester crossed the courtyard to stand in front of Erik, his head tilted to one side, the bells on his cap jingling.

“My birthday box was empty! There was just a note saying you knew where to find it.” Erik paused to catch his breath.

The jester did a back flip and wagged his head from side to side. He said, “Maybe I do and maybe I don’t. Maybe I know and maybe I known’t. What I do know for certain, and nothing is for certain, is that you have a flower growing out of your head.” With that, the jester plucked a flower from behind Erik’s ear, then ran around chortling while the rest of the people in the courtyard laughed and clapped

Erik put his hands on his hips. It was complicated and frustrating to deal with a jester. “No tricks! I need help!”

In answer, the jester did a handstand, and said, while circling Erik slowly,

“Into the forest you must go,
Careful of head and heel and toe,
Axes to grind, and trees to cut,
You’ll find an answer in his hut…”

Erik scratched his head thoughtfully. Who has axes to grind and trees to cut, and lives in a hut in the forest? “The woodcutter! Thank you, jester!”

The jester gave a high-pitched giggle. “Maybe it’s right, and maybe it’s wrong. Maybe I just wanted to make up a song…”

If Erik trusts the jester, go HERE
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  1. Erik - This Kid Reviews Books

    THANK YOU!!! 😀 I think I trust the jester, but then I’ll come back and not trust him! 😉

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