It’s VALENTINY Time! Susanna Hill’s Pretty Much World Famous Valentine Contest, 2019 edition!

Yes, it’s time once again for one of Susanna Hill’s Pretty Much World Famous and Totally Amazing writing contests — THE VALENTINY CONTEST! The rules are simple. Write a Valentine story for kids, no more than 214 words (2/14. Duh.) in which someone feels guilty. And so, without further ado (or adon’t) I present my entry.

AND be single, double, TRIPLE sure to pop by Susanna’s blog and read all the other wonderful entries! Here’s the link (there are more being posted all the time, so you’ll want to go back again and again!)

Single… Double… TRIPLE GUILTY!

Valentine’s Day tomorrow! Tony could hardly wait. Ms. Flinker was throwing an old-fashioned Valentine’s party with balloons and cupcakes, and a Valentine’s Box for each of them, so all the kids in the class could put in cards.

Tony dumped out his box of SuperZoomer Valentines. Uh-oh. 20 cards per box. 21 kids in his class. 

He giggled. He wouldn’t give nasty Lisa one. She said he was too little for Kindergarten. She called him Tiny, even when he yelled MY NAME IS TONY!

On Valentine’s Day, a SuperZoomer Valentine superzoomed into nearly all the Valentine Boxes lined up along the front table. Nobody noticed that Tony didn’t put one in Lisa’s box. His stomach did, though. GUILTY, it told him.

They ate their cupcakes. They drank red juice. Then it was time for the Valentines. The first one out of his box was from – LISA! Oh no. His stomach said DOUBLE GUILTY. The Valentine said, “Tony – I’m sorry. Can we be friends?”

TRIPLE GUILTY said his stomach. He ran to the back of the room. Red construction paper. Markers. SuperZoomer fast, he made a Valentine.

“Lisa, my card for you wouldn’t fit in the box.” 

She looked. “To my new friend. Happy VALENTINY Day!”

18 thoughts on “It’s VALENTINY Time! Susanna Hill’s Pretty Much World Famous Valentine Contest, 2019 edition!”

  1. Beth, I love how Tony’s stomach pronounced the guilty verdict. So true, and so kid-relatable.

  2. Great story, Beth! So believable – isn’t that just how it is with kids???!!! – and oh, the guilt when Lisa turned out to be nicer than he thought! 🙂 I’m glad he was able to pull it out of the fire! And I think you get extra points for perfectly waving Valentiny into your ending!!! Well done! 🙂 Thanks for joining in the fun!

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