Let’s go backstage, behind the scenes…


In March, we will be venturing “Behind the Scenes” all month — I’ll be talking about various aspects of theatre, film, symphony, that we don’t always think about. What happens backstage? Who else is involved besides the actors or musicians? What do they do, really? I’m hoping to have a couple of interesting interviews, some cool picture books, and some thoughts about how all this relates to my life as a writer about the arts.

I’d like to give you an opportunity to feed in some questions, ideas, thoughts prior to Behind the Scenes Month. Is there anyone you’d like to see featured as a Wednesday Worthy? Have you ever wondered how a book becomes a movie? Why do theatre people have so many superstitions? Let me know what you’d like to know in the comments — and stay tuned for Behind the Scenes Month in March!

2 thoughts on “Let’s go backstage, behind the scenes…”

  1. Ooooooooo…..backstage is fabulous! LOVED being backstage!! This sounds wonderful!

    I hope you received my message on FB about leaving. I don’t know how it works when people leave. You’re so nice to ask about the interview! YES, I’d be HONORED!!!!

    1. Backstage is such fun! (Most of the time. After a rehearsal of our 16 voice chorus with a symphony orchestra, a friend and I were backstage, and the concertmaster whipped past us with one comment. “Flat!”)

      I got your message. I’m looking forward to the interview — in May, but I’ll email you soon.

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