Making a change…

…not here, there. My old elizabethannewrites domain name is up for renewal, and after some thought, I’ve decided it’s time to let that blog go. It has been functioning merely as an archive during 2012, and it has confused a few people who have signed up to follow it although it is (I thought) clearly marked that there are no new posts being made there.

Since there is some content that I want to preserve, and I know some people have links to elizabethannewrites posts on their blogs, I will be posting what could be termed “archival footage” on weekends to get that content onto this blog. It will be clearly marked as archival and will be posted as a separate category called “Looking Back and Moving Forward.”

Also, there are some Perfect Picture Book Friday posts that are linked on Susanna Hill’s blog. I will have a posting blitz in the next few days to get that content available here, so that links can be changed in the listing of Perfect Picture books.

If there are particular posts that you’ve linked to and want to be able to transfer the links, please let me know, and I’ll see that those are posted in the near future.

The old blog will disappear by September 4, 2012. This blog will remain, and besides the archival posts, Monday Musings, and Perfect Picture Book Fridays, a new Wednesday series will begin on September 5. Watch for it!

6 thoughts on “Making a change…”

  1. Ooh! I’m excited for the new series! And when you get your PPBs moved over (if I’m understanding correctly) if you could send me a list of the new links that would be super fantastically helpful!

    1. Yes, you’re understanding things correctly. And yes, I will send you a list of the new links. I’m planning a PPB blitz today and tomorrow, so will have the links to you before long.

  2. Change is an ever-constant thing. Hoping things go well with getting archival links updated and so this blog and domain can be the central source for all your great information and knowledge shared.

  3. We all need change at times, Beth…I’m looking forward to your new series. Sounds like we are on the same wave length. I’m beginning a new post, too: “Mulling it over Mondays.” Change is good!

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