March into Literacy with MAT@USC!

Yesterday, I was contacted by Sarah Fudin, who is in charge of Social Media and Outreach at MAT@USC — the Masters of Arts in Teaching program at the University of Southern California. She wondered if I would be willing to help them promote March into Literacy Month by posting an infographic the staff at the MAT program has created. After reading about their program, and about March into Literacy Month, I was eager to participate.

MAT@USC is a completely online degree course for a Masters of Arts in Teaching. It has students all over the United States, and is on the leading edge of the use of technology in education. Their core principles are inspirational. After reading only the basics of the program, I have become a cheerleader for the way they are approaching the education of teachers. I am also a cheerleader for the fact that they recognize the importance of encouraging literacy in children, and to that end have become involved in March into Literacy Month, which was created by the Toys for Tots Literacy Program a few years ago.

I am honored to have been asked to share their incredible infographic, which is rich with information and inspiration. Click the magic words…

To read their original blog post, and to get the embed code to promote this on your own blog, click here. And here is their amazing infographic. Click on it, and then click the zoom-glass to read it clearly.

Thank you, Sarah, and thank you MAT@USC, for getting me involved in this excellent program. Let’s all get on the March for Literacy!


12 thoughts on “March into Literacy with MAT@USC!”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful program. Clicked around the infograph and it was very interesting. I understand why you wanted to get involved. Right up you alley. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks everyone for all of the nice feedback! Great to know that you like the graphic! If you have any questions/feedback I’ll continue to look back here. Thanks again to Beth for writing such a great post before the graphic and sharing this with everyone! – Sarah, MAT@USC

  3. I’m so glad they contacted you Beth or I probably would have never seen this cool graphic. Wonderful information and presented in such a fun way. Thanks Beth and Sarah at MAT@USC

    1. Small world indeed. I was delighted when Sarah contacted me out of the blue. I hadn’t realized you had a connection to their blog.

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