Super Reader Erik is READING FOR RENN

652049_1379476017.445Just a quick post on a non-posting day. You are likely familiar with Erik, the Kid Who Reviews Books — I participated in the blog tour launching his first book not long ago. And if you’ve read this blog before, you’re likely also familiar with Renn, the son of my friend and writing colleague, Bethany Telles. Renn’s facing brain surgery for his epilepsy in just a few weeks. Erik wondered what he could do to help, because an 11-year-old kid doesn’t have a lot of resources to share.

One thing Erik DOES have, in abundance, is the ability to read quickly. He has set up his own personal read-a-thon, READING FOR RENN, and is asking people to sponsor him based on each Accelerated Reader point he earns during the month of October. His goal is 150 points. I have no doubt he’ll reach that goal.

I am so impressed with this idea of Erik’s and I’m so proud of him for doing this for Renn. I will have a link to Erik’s campaign on the sidebar of my blog for the month of October, and I’ll be cheering him on until my cyber-voice is hoarse!

To read Erik’s blog post about this, please click here:  READING FOR RENN.

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  1. I think it is beyond beautiful what Erik is doing. I left a sponsorship comment over at his blog and hope many people get in on this positive move 🙂

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