Thank you, Julie Rowan-Zoch!

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, I had a bit of a fall last week. One of my injuries was a cut on my head, which involved having staples (instead of stitches).

Writing and blogging colleague, and Facebook friend Julie Rowan-Zoch was inspired to do an illustration that makes me want to yell “Chicken Little, you silly avian, GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THAT ACORN!!!” and she has honored and delighted me by dedicating her blog post to me today.

Please check it out (and follow Julie’s blog) at this link:  JULIE ROWAN-ZOCH.





  1. Hope the fact that you are blogging about it, means that you are making progress and that such progress is good! Sending healing thoughts, prayers and love! (And, in future, be quicker at dodging those acorns!!)

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