The Gift of Thanks

Fotolia_92215284_XSOn Sunday evening, I attended an awards banquet honoring senior volunteers in the province. It was inspiring to hear the things these seniors have done for their communities and for their world over the years. Events like this are a great opportunity to say thank you to people like this who serve others for the joy of serving.

There are so many people who touch lives in some way, and who do what they do no matter whether they are recognized for it or not. Some of their work is visible, some is behind the scenes. Some people seem to be involved in everything — others are only able to do a little, but still they do it.

On my other blog, The Starborn Revue, I’ve been talking about role models, and in last week’s post I challenged my readers to think about the role models in their own lives, and if possible, to find a way to tell them what they have added to the reader’s life.

Next Monday is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. In the midst of all the things we will be giving thanks for, I’d like to challenge all of you — all of us — whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or not, to give the gift of thanks to someone who has touched your life.

I think you will find that thanks is a gift that not only graces the recipient, but also the giver.

And so, I’d like to say thanks to all of you, who read, who share, who are part of my life.

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