What’s Ahead on My Blog in 2018

Happy New Year to all! Putting up the new calendars with their fresh, unmarked pages is always a joy for me. Those fresh, unmarked pages speak to me of the freshness of the year, of hope and possibilities. May it be a good year for you, and for our world.

In preparation for this new year, I’ve been participating in Julie Hedlund‘s 12 Days of Christmas for Writers, which is always a highlight of this season for me. Through her daily posts from December 26th to January 6th, she helps us look at both the successes and challenges of the past year, and prepare for the new year with the intention of building on those successes and entering the year with a spirit of gratitude.

Through the exercises she has led us through, I’ve discovered my guiding word for 2018 — intentionality. I plan to be more intentional about sheltering my writing time (thanks to Carrie Finison for the concept of sheltering time), focusing my reading time, and caring for my health.

That will be reflected in my blog in the coming months. I will be focusing my blog on what I’m reading. My alphabet posts will highlight some of the best books I encounter. I will also be reviving my mini “What I’m Reading” blog, that will tell you (you guessed it) what I’m currently reading. Those will be very brief posts, with just a couple of links to pique your interest in the book. The titles will appear in the “What I’m Reading” list on the sidebar of my blog, along with a two-letter designation of the book’s intended audience (MG for Middle Grade, YA for Young Adult, or AD for adult).

Besides those longer books, inspired by my friend, Darshana Khiani, who tries to read a picture book first thing most mornings (and also reads other levels), I’m embarking on a year-long Picture Book Each Morning self-challenge. To follow along and learn more about what I’m reading in picture books, you can follow my Facebook page, Beth Stilborn Writes, where I’ll post each morning about the day’s book.

Here’s to the new year! May it be a year of opportunities where peace, caring, and hope prevail.

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  1. I haven’t laid out my goals (though I hear it’s a good thing to do), but am looking forward to being more participative in 2018. All the best, Niamh

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