Anyone having Subscription Problems?

Today someone asked me if I had any idea why they hadn’t received notification of several of my most recent posts. I’m wondering if anyone else is having subscription problems, because I notice that my subscription count has dropped overnight from 50 something to 27. Either a lot of people have decided en masse that my blog is not for them (which is a perfectly legitimate thing to decide) or there’s something wonky going on with my subscription feed.


  1. That’s weird. Mine dropped last summer but only by 1. It did it twice. Not sure what’s going on.

    Grade ONEderful

  2. Not sure. When I saw this headline, I thought maybe you were talking about the multiple emails. I’m an email subscriber to most blogs. I received up to four email notifications for some blogs on Thursday. Not yours, but a handful. Most wordpress blogs only give the option of subscribing via email, so I’m pretty much married to this method if I want to follow random blogs. I have a mental list of 10 to 12 blogs I just know what days they post and visit before checking my email.

  3. I am like you Stacy I am married to the email notification subscription, but I suddenly didn’t get these last few notifications and thought I ought to let Beth know, seems it was a good thing……. or maybe not! Beth dropping to 27 like that I think something is not quite right…. no way would there be a mad exit to leave your blog. (Got the three current posts today in one email hit)

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