Reading the World, One Book at a Time

The theme for today on Share a Story — Shape a Future is “Reading: A Passport to Other Worlds.” I encourage you to read the post(s) by Carol Rasco from Reading is Fundamental and start thinking about how you can make your reading a passport to other worlds, as well as how you can encourage those around you to do so as well.

Part of Carol’s contribution to Share a Story is a round-up of blogs on today’s theme. I was so glad to see that the Paper Tigers Blog had been mentioned, as that is the blog I immediately thought of when I started pondering what to post about today.

Paper Tigers has a year-long “Reading the World” challenge, which I have joined. I look forward to finding and reviewing books in the categories that make up the challenge. Quoting from the post I linked to above,

“1. Read a total of seven books.

2. Choose six books from/about/by or illustrated by someone from different countries anywhere in the world, three of which must be in different continents, and at least one of which must be translated from another language.

3. Choose one book from/about your city/district – as local and as relevant to your geographical setting as you can find.

4. You should choose at least one book of each of the following categories: fiction, poetry and non-fiction.”

This seems perfectly designed for a family project or for a classroom project. I hope others will consider joining in this challenge — there is no time limit set, other than doing the reading during the current calendar year.

Want to join me in reading the world?


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11 thoughts on “Reading the World, One Book at a Time”

    1. I haven’t picked my books yet, but I suspect at least one or two of them will be from Barefoot Books. I’d be delighted if you joined me, Terry, as I’m sure the folks at Paper Tigers would, as well.

      I’ll likely do them as Perfect Picture Books in July and August — somehow, traveling the world (at least through books) in the summer seems like a good thing to do.

    1. It definitely is. I hope you’ll consider joining us — I think your kids would love it, and there are certainly authors having birthdays all over the world!

  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word on the PaperTigers Challenge – and for emphasising it as something children can take up. Do sign up on our introductory post and let us know what books you’ve read and link to any reviews you’ve written (as an added extra – they’re not a necessary part of the Challenge) – then I can include everybody in the update posts I dot through the year – and I’m working on a certificate too…

    1. Thanks, Marjorie, for visiting my blog (for some unknown reason, your comment got caught up in spam! Sorry about that, and about the delay in me seeing it.)

      I’m signed up (I have my challenge buttons on a separate page) and I will encourage others to sign up officially as well.

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    1. I hope to do some “world traveling via PPBF” in July and August, for my participation in the challenge. One does what one can.

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