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In the past week, as I’ve balanced posts on my theme of Behind the Scenes in Set and Costume Design with blogging about literacy for both Share a Story – Shape a Future and March into Literacy Month, I’ve had a couple of comments that warranted highlighting so that you wouldn’t miss the information in them.

One of the joys of blogging is interaction with people one would never have encountered otherwise, and this has certainly been a week for that. To find out what I’m talking about, click on the magic words…

On Tuesday, I posted about Reading the World, One Book at a Time for Share a Story – Shape a Future, and focused on the Paper Tigers Blog’s exciting “Read Around the World” Challenge. Marjorie from Paper Tigers, who is the driving force behind the Read Around the World Challenge, commented:

Thank you so much for spreading the word on the PaperTigers Challenge – and for emphasising it as something children can take up. Do sign up on our introductory post and let us know what books you’ve read and link to any reviews you’ve written (as an added extra – they’re not a necessary part of the Challenge) – then I can include everybody in the update posts I dot through the year – and I’m working on a certificate too…

If you would like to read more about the Challenge, and/or sign up, you can find all the information you need at the introductory post, Spread Your Reading Wings.


On Thursday, in March into Literacy with MAT@USC, I shared the wonderful infographic that the staff at MAT@USC (Masters of Arts in Education @ University of Southern California) had created. Sarah Fudin, the person in charge of Social Media and Outreach for the MAT@USC program commented:

Thanks everyone for all of the nice feedback! Great to know that you like the graphic! If you have any questions/feedback I’ll continue to look back here. Thanks again to Beth for writing such a great post before the graphic and sharing this with everyone! – Sarah, MAT@USC

If you haven’t already seen the information-filled, fun-to-read infographic, I’d urge you to check out my post, and if you have any feedback for Sarah and the creative people at MAT@USC, either leave a comment on my post, or pop over to the original post at the MAT@USC blog, Most Loved Children’s Books.


Thank you so much, Marjorie and Sarah, for all you are doing for the cause of children’s literacy, and for your support of my blogging efforts for the same purpose.

14 thoughts on “Comments from the Comments”

    1. I’m so glad you got to see it, Laura. I was honored when they asked me to share it on my blog, because it is excellent.

      1. Thanks so much Beth for bringing our graphic to the attention of your audience again — you’re the best!

    1. Maybe you missed it because it was on a double-whammy day? I was trying to do two things at once last week, so there were a lot of notifications coming from me. I’m glad it’s been drawn to your attention now!

  1. Thanks for reminding me about the Paper Tiger Around the World challenge. Somehow I got side tracked and didn’t sign up. CLicked on the site, and left a message, but am not sure I’m signed up. Thanks again. This is a great idea.

    1. If you left a comment in the post I linked to, you’re likely signed up. You should receive an email from Marjorie welcoming you to the Challenge.

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