Our Little Jedi has a big BIG wish

Silly Kids and Renn's VEEG 025I’ve told you about my friend Bethany’s son Renn, before. He’s a brave little guy, six years old, dealing with a complicated form of epilepsy. He has been through test after test after test, that have all been inconclusive. He’s headed back to hospital in August, and is scheduled for two or possibly three brain surgeries. He’s not scared, he’s quite matter of fact about it.

He does have a wish, however. One very BIG wish. He is possibly the biggest Star Wars fan that there is. He wants to meet George Lucas, the creative force behind Star Wars. Many of us who care about this family are banding together to send that wish out into the cyber-universe, hoping that the Force will be with our Jedi Renn.

You can help, if you’re willing.

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, would you consider sharing the picture below? Bethany has also written a blog post about Renn’s wish, on her blog “The Brain of a Jedi,” and sharing it would be wonderful, too. If you share it, on either Facebook or Twitter, please use the hashtag #JediRenn.

Here’s the blog post:

Jedi Renn Wants to Meet Master Lucas

And here’s the photo:


Thank you!


  1. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make this happen for him? I hope George will get wind of the plan through all our cyberspace noise!!!

    1. It would be beyond wonderful if this could happen. Here’s hoping!

  2. I did a few tweets with the #hashtag so hoping this is a dream come true for this little brave Jedi warrior 🙂

    1. Thanks, Angela! You’re a gem!

  3. I’m joining in! I am going to post it on my blog, on my Facebook (and my Mom’s (although she might post it there 😉 )) and tell everyone to spread the word!

    1. Yay Erik and Yay Erik’s Mom! Thank you!

  4. You’re the best for sharing this, Beth. I’ll do my part, too!

    1. Thanks, Pam! (Would have replied earlier, but I was having trouble getting my comments to save!)

  5. Posted on twitter and on FB. Such a good cause. Great that you got George Lucas’ FB address. I have a good feeling about this!

    1. Thanks for participating, Pat — I hope your good feeling proves to be accurate! (Technical difficulties prevented my response going through earlier.)

  6. Cathing up and saw this post. I’ve posted on FB and Twitter.

    1. Thanks so much, Stacy!

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